Chemistry, being a discipline that focuses on all types of matter, in living and non-living systems, is central to all fields of science. Its role is not limited to using, discovering, or building materials and qualifying for use in betterment of life, but goes beyond that to be an educational tool in building human resources. The central role of chemistry and the increasing demand on chemical knowledge for future development, offer new challenges and opportunities for the chemistry department and its programs.


Vision & Mission

The Chemistry Department is dedicated to:

  • providing a comprehensive, relevant curriculum at A level.
  • develop a sense of intellectual curiosity concerning chemical theory and an appreciation of the practical role of chemistry in life.
  • To give a thorough grounding in the principles of chemistry, both in theory and in practical experience
  • To train and educate students to the highest level of professional and scientific standards, and international recognition.
  • preparing students to enter graduate programs in chemistry. professional programs in the health sciences, and careers in the chemical industry.
  • To encourage the Islamic values and the use of the intellect is integrated into the learning experience

The Chemistry Department pledges itself to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner, the advancement of science and particularly chemistry in all of its branches through its education, and service missions. Department is committed to helping each student achieve his/her personal academic potential by creating an environment by:

  • frequent interactions between faculty and students.
  • independent thought, collegial exchange of ideas and high ethical standards.
  • development of innovative instructional techniques, use of modern educational technology in lecture and laboratory courses.
  • Conducting extra-classes and work-shops.

Our Team

  1. Ms. Fathimath Shereleen (HOD)
  2. Ms. L. Benitta
  3. Ms. Hawwa Sausan
  4. Mr. Shijish Karuvarakkal
  5. Ms. Nishana Mohamed
  6. Ms. Aishath Shafra Rasheed
  7. Ms. Aminath Lirarath
  8. Ms. Kadheeja Nasreena
  9. Mr. Abdul Rahman Adam
  10. Ms. Aishath Samaha Ali
  11. Ms. Rashaga Jaleel
  12. Mr. Ibrahim Waleed