The aims of the GCE in Biology are to enable students to:

  • develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, biology including developing an interest in further study and careers in the subject
  • appreciate how society makes decisions about biology-related issues and how biology contributes to the success of the economy and society
  • develop and demonstrate a deeper appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of How Science Works
  • develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of biology and how they relate to each other.


This qualification provides opportunities for developing an understanding of moral, ethical, social and cultural issues, together with an awareness of citizenship, environmental issues, health and safety considerations, and national developments consistent with relevant international agreements appropriate as applied to biology.



  • To maintain a high level of proficiency and effectiveness in classroom teaching.
  • Our teachers are well experienced and well versed with syllabus content and pedagogical techniques. Our target is to continue to provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning, which could lead the way to success in the Edexcel A Level exams.
  • Regular workshops, guidance and consultation sessions will be held every month to guide students on research skills, which is an integral component of the new syllabus.

Our Team

  1. Ms. Jannath Shareef (HOD)
  2. Mr. Asok V
  3. Ms. Nadheen Abdul Razzaq
  4. Ms. Dhanya Sinu
  5. Ms. Haarisath Mohamed
  6. Ms. Mariyam Shazna
  7. Ms. Nazhaya Rasheed
  8. Ms. Aishath Abeera
  9. Ms. Aminath Noora