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Strengthen Unity for Success


The Business Society is a friendly community comprising of CHSE students of Business Studies, Economics, Statistics and Accounting who take an active interest in business activities. Its main objective is to provide students the opportunity to enjoy educational experiences outside the conventional classroom setting. This is a great opportunity for students to unleash their creative energy, work in teams, develop leadership qualities and interact with one another. We hope to act as the stepping stones from an academic life to the real world of business.

Every year, we conduct a Business Festival with the aim to give hands on experience in different areas of business. Activities that we conduct includes: Magazine Making, Letter Writing, Hangman, Statistics Speed Test, Debates, Economics Speed Test, Poster Drawing, Accounting Speed Test, Miming, Spelling Bee, News Reading, Quiz, Case Study Presentation, Sudoku, Riddle, Slogan Writing and Ad-act, which was held with much enthusiasm and zeal in the previous festival. This year, we have planned to make the Business Festival more informative by inviting guest speakers to give the students more exposure to real world business problems.

It is the collective effort and initiative of students and teachers which makes this event truly special.


Aims & Objectives

  • Strengthening the unity among the students and teachers alike.
  • To make students more interested and competitive by arranging different activities and organizing competitions.
  • Improve our results in every possible way by sharing our knowledge to its maximum level.
  • Gaining more practical knowledge about the real business world.
  • Helping in all the School activities voluntarily.