Selection of Executive Committee

School Posts

  • School Captains (1 post) – Boy or Girl
  • Deputy School Captain (2 post) – A boy and a girl
  • Games Captain (1 post) – Boys or Girl
  • Deputy Games Captain (2 post) – A boy and a girl

House Captains (Males or Females)

  • Asrafee
  • Feeroze
  • Ranmui
  • Yaagooth

Deputy House Captains (Males or Females)

  • Asrafee
  • Feeroze
  • Ranmui
  • Yaagooth


  1. A candidate who seeks nomination should be a Prefect.
  2. Only prefects of grade 11 are eligible for all posts.
  3. Should have an unblemished record of conduct in school.
  4. Prove leadership.
  5. Should possess a good command of speech.
  6. Prefects who are contesting for Games Captain and Deputy Gam Captain posts should have participated in sports.
  7. Should have attained 40% marks in all subjects at the 1st semesi examinations.
  8. Should maintain 80% of attendance in all subjects.
  9. Should have performed duties as a prefect in accordance to the Oath.
  10. Should have maintained a 90% record of attendance and punctuality prefects at meetings and daily attendance to school.


  1. Each candidate should be proposed and seconded by two Grade 11 prefects who are not contesting for the same post. The candidates themselves should submit the nominations along with their school ID cards.
  2. In case of single nomination for a particular post, he/she will be returned uncontested. The following criteria would be applied in the final selection of a candidate:
Students' Votes 30%
Points given by teachers 5%
Senior Management's Vote 25%
Academic performance 10%
Attendance & Punctuality to classes 8%
Prefect duties and Participation in extra curricula activities 10%
Special aptitudes/ Leadership 7%
Charismatic quality 5%
TOTAL 100%
  1. The electorates will be the Executive Committee of CHSE (from June of that year to June of the following year). The method of election will be by secret ballot.
  2. The nomination committee headed by the Principal will reject any nomination which, in their opinion, does not conform to the criteria mentioned.
  3. Nomination forms should be submitted to the office of the respective sites accordance with the form provided for the purpose. Incomplete and late submissions will not be accepted.

Election Rules

  1. Only Grade: 12 students are eligible for voting.
  2. Each voter has the right for 8 votes, i.e. vote for:
    1. School Captain (one vote)
    2. Deputy School Captain (two votes)
    3. Games Captain (one vote)
    4. Deputy Games Captain (two votes)
    5. House Captain (one vote)
    6. Deputy House Captain (one vote)
  3. Only the members of a particular house can vote to elect their Hoi Captain and Deputy House Captain. For example, only Yagooth Hot members should vote to elect the House Captain and Deputy Hot Captain of Yagooth House.
  4. A ballot paper with more than 8 ticks will be cancelled or counted invalid.
  5. All voters should present their student ID cards (student ID or national I.D) to the Election Officer.
  6. Intimidation, harassment or slandering of the good name of a candid by canvassers will be a disqualification for the candidate.
  7. Candidates can campaign personally in any form other than throw posters, banners, T.Shirts or any writings or pictures displayed on school walls or premises.
  8. Campaigning on the day of election in polling premises is prohibited. Any such canvassing would result in the disqualification of that particular candidate.
  9. Election Officer's (member of the staff) decision on any irregularities occurring at the election premises and at voting will be unquestionable.
  10. Votes will be counted and announced by a selected panel in the presence of the candidates, present Executive Committee members, Supervisor(s), Deputy Principal/Principal.
  11. Each candidate would be interviewed by the Board of Management.
  12. All candidates are required to give a 2-3min impromptu speech as part of the interview.
  13. Results will be announced in the coming week, after scrutiny and in accordance with the selection criteria.

*Note: The election rules given above are subjected to slight variations from year to year. Every year, the election rules are displayed on the prefects' notice board one week before the election. Details of the specific dates and times of campaigning and voting will be included in the notice.